31 July 2020

Specialised Cardiac CRG: Prior Notification Notice (PIN)

Percutaneous Mitral Value Leaflet repairs for Primary Mitral Regurgitation in 4 Regions

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Some BCIS members may be aware that there has been some movement in the commissioning of MitraClip last week with the publication of a ‘Prior notification Notice – PIN’ . This is the initial step in the ‘expression of interest’ in becoming a commissioned MitraClip centre.

As the BCIS Structural Working Group we have a responsibility to make sure all interested centres know about this and wish to make sure that this PIN does not go un-noticed by interested Clinicians. NHS Spec Comm have issued this notice:

NHS England and NHS Improvement have published a Prior notification Notice (PIN) to enable commissioning of Percutaneous Mitral Value Leaflet repairs for Primary Mitral Regurgitation in the East of England, Midlands, North East & Yorkshire, and South East regions.

The PIN is published on the Official Journal of the European Community (OJEC) and Contract Finder websites. The OJEC reference: Quote/tender 40570 – “Percutaneous Mitral Valve Leaflet Repair for Primary Mitral Regurgitation”.

Providers will need to respond to the PIN notice/questionnaire if they wish to be included in any further process  for this procurement through registering on the EU Supply website https://uk.eu-supply.com/login.asp?B=UK

Deadline: 12 noon on Monday 17th August 2020.

The BCIS Structural Working Group are keen for this to be a fair and transparent process and will keep BCIS members posted of any major developments in this area in the coming weeks and months.

Best Wishes,

Philip McCarthy

Structural Cardiac Intervention Group Chair

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