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BCIS Coronary Intervention Trainees Course

We are delighted to be hosting the first face to face BCIS trainee course since 2019

Given our experience in Bournemouth, this course will focus on intra-coronary imaging, bifurcation PCI and how to deal with calcification

The meeting will consist of

  • short lectures
  • case-based learning from Consultant faculty and trainees
  • a debate on whether it is necessary to use these tools in left main PCI
  • simulators to highlight practical considerations

The main learning objectives will be:

  • Understand how and why systematic intra-coronary imaged guided PCI will often improve durability & outcome compared to angiographic only PCI
  • Learn how to safely perform both provisional MV only therapy and MV & SB treatment strategies during bifurcation PCI
  • Familiarise you with the options for calcification modification

Bournemouth is a nice destination to visit in June as well so hope you will join us for this meeting!


 Free registration for BCIS Trainee Members. This course is open to BCIS Members only. For details on joining BCIS click here