BCIS New site guidance (PCI)

BCIS New site guidance

BCIS New site guidance

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In 2001 an ad hoc Advisory Group of the Coronary Heart Disease Taskforce of the Department of Health, chaired by the National Director for Heart Disease, reported on the development of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) services. The Group concluded that:

the development of new PCI services should be planned within Networks of Cardiac Care and agreed between all relevant parties
facilities for PCI in tertiary centres should be fully utilised
all PCI services should adhere to agreed technical, professional and practical standards
all sites considering setting up a PCI service should undergo BCIS peer review prior to starting such a service.
Since then the number of hospitals carrying out percutaneous coronary intervention procedures has increased rapidly, and there has been a commensurate increase in the total number of PCI procedures done in the United Kingdom. There has, however, been concern that the development of new PCI services has not always been compliant with the 2001 Advisory Group recommendations. At the Angioplasty Consensus Meeting, hosted by the National Heart Improvement Programme in September 2008, the importance of British Cardiovascular Intervention Society (BCIS) Peer Review for new PCI Services was emphasised and there was broad agreement that this process should be re-invigorated.

Technical, professional, and practical standards for PCI services are currently defined in several documents. 1-5 All PCI services in the United Kingdom are expected to comply with these standards, which are intended to support provision of high quality patient-centred care. BCIS will review the full PCI Guidance documents during 2010, but in the interim this document summarises and updates BCIS recommendations on the development of new PCI services. The guidance in this document is also relevant to all PCI services in the United Kingdom.