Underpinning the highest standards in audit and outcome measures

Data Preparation

All PCI procedures performed over a three year period are included in the analysis of numbers, case mix and outcomes (a rolling three year program). For analyses of delays to treatment (STEMI and NSTEMI), radial rates and interhospital transfer rates, only the most recent year’s data are included to ensure the results are as contemporaneous as possible

Clearly only data sent to NICOR can be analyzed. Almost all UK NHS hospitals have uploaded data, and some (but not all) private hospitals.

To assess survival after PCI, the Office of National Statistics provides us with independently assessed life status, by linkage using the NHS number. This analysis is therefore limited to England and Wales. The data are presented as 30 day survival. Patients who present with out of hospital cardiac arrest and require mechanical ventilation prior to PCI are excluded from the survival analyses, but there are no other exclusions (see section ‘split by syndrome’ for an explanation).

Further details are given under ‘Risk Adjusted Outcomes’.

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