BCIS Study Days

BCIS Study Days

27th February 2017

Dear Colleague,


BCIS Study Days    

Call for Expressions of Interest

As we discussed at the recent ACI meeting, we believe that there is an increasing need for BCIS to provide a broader educational resource for BCIS members. In addition to Advanced Cardiovascular Intervention, the BCIS Allied Health Professionals meeting, and the two trainees courses, we aim to establish a series of BCIS study days, each to be held on a single day, and addressing a single specific topic. We would like to invite all UK centres to submit expressions of interest to host these proposed meetings.

Study days could be on any topic the centre wishes. It may be a specific lesion subset, such as left mainstem, bifurcations, or CTOs. It may be an interventional technology, such as laser, rotational atherectomy, bio-absorbable vascular scaffolds, intracoronary imaging or physiological lesion assessment. It may be a field of non-coronary intervention. Centres may already have an annual meeting they host which could be brought under a BCIS banner.

Initially we propose 3 study days annually, interspersed across the year, spread geographically, and rotating year-on-year. The first meeting will be late 2017 or early 2018. Host centres would be responsible for the topic, and would collaborate with BCIS on the details of content and faculty. The final educational content will be subject to BCIS approval and content will be archived for the BCIS website. Live or recorded cases may be included. The study days will be targeted at consultant education and registration for consultant BCIS members will be free. A total of 50-75 delegates is suggested.

Faculty should broadly include about half local speakers, and half external faculty, with a maximum of three international contributors. The final total (non-negotiable) budget is £25,000, and will be paid fully by BCIS. Additional supplementation of the budgets from industry is discouraged.

We would welcome all those interested in hosting a BCIS study day to send expressions of interest by e-mail, including an outline of the proposed meeting together with approximate costings, to any or all of the BCIS officers using the email addresses in the letterhead above, or to bcis@millbrookconferences.com. Detailed budgeting and organisational details will be requested for selected applications prior to final approval. Deadline for expressions of interest is 23.59hrs, 30 April 2017.

With kind regards,

Professor Adrian Banning          Dr Dan Blackman              Dr David Hildick-Smith

President                                     Honorary Secretary            Treasurer