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Cardiac Arrest in the Cath Lab

27th June 2022

Please see below a paper published in Heart Journal on 23rd June 2022 titled ‘Joint British Societies’ guideline on management of cardiac arrest in the cardiac catheter laboratory.

This contains recommendations about the response to cardiac arrest and how the team should optimally respond to this emergency. You will note that it recommends allocation of roles at the start of all lists/cases which can form a template for optimisation of our responses.

The paper credits Joel Dunning, Andrew Archbold, Joseph Paul de Bono, Liz Butterfield, Nick Curzen, Charles D Deakin, Ellie Gudde, Thomas Keeble, Alan Keys, Mike Lewis, Niall O’Keeffe, Jaydeep Sarma, Martin Stout, Paul Swindell and Simon Ray as authors.

Read the article below.