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Treasurer, WG Leads for Training & Education and Structural intervention: Election Results

5th November 2021

Dear BCIS Members,

After elections for these pivotal roles within BCIS, I am delighted to announce the successful appointment of the following members:



Dan McKenzie, who will take over from Doug Fraser in Jan 22.


Training and Education Group Lead

Dougie Muir, who will take over from Raj Kharbanda in Jan 22.


Structural Intervention Group Lead

Dave Hildick-Smith, who will take over from Phil McCarthy in Jan 22.


On behalf of BCIS, I’d like to congratulate the successful candidates, and to thank all those who applied for their continued interest and support of our society.

It goes without saying that the work of the society could not be done without the sterling effort and commitment shown by Doug, Raj and Phil over the past few years and I thank them on behalf of council.


With very best wishes,

Clare Appleby

BCIS Honorary Secretary