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Rod Stables

BCIS Number: 1310

Consultant Cardiologist


Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital

  • C Consultant

Rod Stables - Research Profile

Primary appointment NHS
Contracted time devoted to research None
Average time worked on research 0.25 wte
Personal aspiration for research activity Do more
Research experience
  • CI for multi-centre study
  • CI for single-centre study
  • National coordinator for international multi-centre study
  • Local PI for multi-centre study
  • Named investigator in multi-cente study
  • Named investigator in single centre study
  • Multi-site registry studies
  • Local registy studies
  • Methodology - study design and conducr
  • Methodology - Clinical studies management
  • Methodology - Statistics
GCP certification Current
Number of current students 3
Number of awards in last 5 years 3
Permission to share this data yes

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18 January 2019

Webcast / Audiocast

18 January 2019

Webcast / Audiocast