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Nick Curzen

BCIS Number: 1479



Southampton University Hospital

  • C Consultant


As an NHS consultant with a Chair in Interventional Cardiology, I am Clinical Lead for our Coronary Research Group here at University Hospital Southampton.
My main research areas include:
1 Coronary Physiology
2 Platelet function testing
3 Computer models of stents, TAVI and IVUS
4 Biomarkers for Cv risk
5 Out of hospital cardiac arrest

Nick Curzen - Research Profile

Primary appointment mixed: Mixed
Contracted time devoted to research 0.5 wte
Average time worked on research 0.5 wte
Personal aspiration for research activity No change
Research experience
  • a:9:{i:0;s:12:"ci_for_multi";i:1;s:13:"ci_for_single";i:2;s:31:"local_pi_for_multi-centre_study";i:3;s:39:"named_investigator_in_multi-cente_study";i:4;s:41:"named_investigator_in_single_centre_study";i:5;s:27:"multi-site_registry_studies";i:6;s:38:"methodology_-_study_design_and_conducr";i:7;s:41:"methodology_-_clinical_studies_management";i:8;s:27:"bench_or_basic_science_work";}
GCP certification Current
Number of current students 4
Number of awards in last 5 years 5
Permission to share this data yes

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