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Nick Curzen

BCIS Number: 1479



Southampton University Hospital

  • C Consultant


As an NHS consultant with a Chair in Interventional Cardiology, I am Clinical Lead for our Coronary Research Group here at University Hospital Southampton.
My main research areas include:
1 Coronary Physiology
2 Platelet function testing
3 Computer models of stents, TAVI and IVUS
4 Biomarkers for Cv risk
5 Out of hospital cardiac arrest

Nick Curzen - Research Profile

Primary appointment mixed: Mixed
Contracted time devoted to research 0.5 wte
Average time worked on research 0.5 wte
Personal aspiration for research activity No change
Research experience
GCP certification Current
Number of current students 4
Number of awards in last 5 years 5
Permission to share this data yes

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