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Dear M-TEER teams and BCIS members,

Thank you for all your efforts with TMTV data entry.

BCIS and NICOR are running a webinar this Wednesday 15 November, 17:00-18:00.

We hope to see your team of clinical/data/IT experts there for a TMTV registry “what, how and why” discussion. Please find the programme included below.

There is increasing emphasis on contemporaneous data entry to monitor quality and outcomes and evidence of this will be expected by the wider health system. We hope this is the start of a clinical engagement process to give you a bigger voice in this as well as research opportunities utilising the registry data.

To join the webinar, please use the following link:
This is a web-based app with no software downloads required to view. We recommend using Google Chrome for the best viewing experience. Please note access to the Millbrook Hub is usually restricted to those registered and will be opened for the duration of this webinar.

Please do forward this to anyone in your clinical/IT teams who may be interested in the agenda items.

Best wishes,
Mamta H Buch
Dan Blackman