ACI Virtual Experience 2021

Wednesday 21, Thursday 22 and Friday 23 April 2021

The ACI programme will feature three-tracks filled with a wide variety of educational content tailored to all members of the cardiac catheter lab team. With an interactive online experience, we know that we can welcome more people than ever.

Here are just some of the educational highlights in ACI Virtual Experience 2021:

  • Masterclass Sessions including “Use of Imaging to Optimise Bifurcation PCI”, “Valve-in-Valve TAVI” and “Assessment and treatment of calcified lesions”
  • How To Sessions including “How to do PCI in surgical turndown cases”, “Crack the Valve”, “Shotgun Left Main PCI”, “Shockwave”, “Use MRI”, “Use OCT”, “Run a research study”, “Assess microvascular function in the cath lab”
  • Keynotes
    – Professor Jonathon Leipsic (Vancouver, British Columbia) speaking on “The Future of CTCA in Interventional Cardiology”
    – Dr Quinn Capers (Dallas, Texas)  speaking on “Decision making & Bias in Interventional Cardiology”
  • Cases from the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle & Barts, London
  • State of the Art sessions: including Mitraclip; Day Case TAVI; Angina without Epicardial Coronary Disease; Post PCI Physiology
  • Debate: “It’s time for TAVI in non-surgical centres”
  • Dedicated Trainee and AHP sessions, including the debate “Interventional Training is no longer fit for purpose”; Preparing to be an Interventional Consultant; Human factors and emergency situation management including CLEMS
  • Re-learning our Patterns of Behaviour: Role Play and analysis to understand our potentially Bullying & Sexist Behaviours
  • Angio Reviews including “Learning from Near Misses and Great Saves” and “TAVI – Learning from Complications, Great Saves”
  • The Future of TAVI in the UK
  • Trial Updates: ISCHEMIA, COACT 1 year, AFIRE
  • TAVI Multidisciplinary Team Meetings – learn how to assess complex TAVI cases and make challenging decisions
  • “Chance to Shine” – Hear about the latest exciting new developments and interventional technologies from our sponsoring companies
  • Trials Updates – Get up to date with dedicated sessions focussing on the hottest topics in the field of Cardiology including ISCHEMIA, COACT 1 year, AFIRE
  • Training Village, an area dedicated to training demonstrations; learn important techniques and new approaches to cath lab work.
  • National BCIS Coronary and TAVI Audit Data Reports
  • BCIS Focus Groups on Women in Interventional Cardiology, Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest, and Stroke Thrombectomy update sessions
  • Research of the Year Awards
  • Best of the Young Case Competition
  • The Effect of COVID19 on UK Interventional Practice: a summary of the original research
  • Secondary Prevention for the Interventionist