Research & Development Group

Research & Development Group

Welcome to the BCIS Research & Development Group page

The core mission of the Research and Development Group is to support, encourage and develop all aspects of UK interventional research.

Our philosophy is that the best research is planned, conducted and reported by motivated teams that ‘own’ the project. The BCIS Research and Development Group will act to support and encourage this enterprise – but never to assume or seek any element of power, influence or control. Keep an eye on our web pages on the BCIS site for regular news, research opportunities and developments, including our new peer review service.

Group Members

Professor Nick Curzen (Southampton) (Chair)
Professor Julian Gunn (Sheffield)
Dr Jonathan Hill (London)
Dr Tim Kinnaird (Cardiff)
Dr Vijay Kunadian (Newcastle)
Dr Aung Myat (Brighton)
Dr Divaka Perera (London)
Professor Azfar Zaman (Newcastle)
Dr Phillip Freeman (Aalborg) (Co-Opted – BCIS Communications Lead)
Professor Mamas Mamas (Stoke) (Co-Opted member – special responsibility for projects using databases and requiring complex statistical analysis)
Dr Michael Mahmoudi (Southampton) (Co-Opted member – special responsibility for literature review project)
Ruth Bowles (Bristol) (Co-Opted, Research Nurse Representative)
Joanne Kelly (Glasgow) (Co-Opted, Research Nurse Representative)
Zoe Nicholas (Southampton) (Co-Opted, Research Nurse Representative)

Professor Adrian Banning (Oxford) (Ex-officio – BCIS President)
Dr Dan Blackman (Leeds) (Ex-officio – BCIS Honorary Secretary)
Dr Doug Fraser (Manchester) (Ex-officio – BCIS Treasurer)

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