Previous Officers and Council Members

Previous Officers and Council Members

BCIS gratefully acknowledge the time and energy devoted by past Officers and Council members of the society:


Previous Council Officers include:

Prof Adrian Banning (Hon. Secretary 2015-2016)

Prof Nick Curzen (Hon. Secretary 2011-2015)

Dr Keith Dawkins (President 2000-2004)

Dr Mark de Belder (Audit Secretary 1998-2002 & President 2008-2012)

Prof Huon Gray (Hon. Secretary 1992-1996 & Audit Secretary 1994-1997)

Dr Peter Hubner (Hon. Secretary 1988-1992)

Dr Alan Mackintosh (Treasurer 1988-1993)

Dr Jim McLenachan (Hon. Secretary 2004-2006)

Dr Jim Nolan (Treasurer, 2011-2015)

Dr Mike Norell (Hon. Secretary 1997-2000 & Communications Lead 2012-2016)

Dr John Perrins (President 1996-2000)

Dr Bernard Prendergast (Hon. Secretary 2006-2011)

Prof Simon Redwood (Treasurer 2006-2011 & President 2012-2016)

Dr Martin Rothman (President 1992-1996)

Dr Stuart Shaw (Treasurer 1993-1997)

Dr Man-Fai Shiu (President 1988-1992)

Dr Paul Silverton (Treasurer 1997-2002)

Dr David Smith (Hon. Secretary 2000-2004) (Exeter and Devon)

Dr Martyn Thomas (President 2004-2008)

Dr Neal Uren (Treasurer 2002-2006)


Previous Council Members include:

Dr Raphael Balcon (London Chest Hospital, London)

Prof Andreas Baumbach (Bristol)

Dr Andrew Bishop (Hampshire)

Dr Nigel Buller (Birmingham)

Dr Alison Calver (Southampton)

Dr Anoop Chauhan (Blackpool)

Prof David Cumberland (Sheffield)

Dr Simon Davies (Royal Brompton Hospital, London)

Dr Adam de Belder (Brighton)

Dr John Dyet (Hull)

Dr Duncan Dymond (St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London)

Dr Phillip Freeman (BJCA Representative)

Prof Tony Gershlick (Leicester)

Prof Roger Hall (Hammersmith Hospital, London)

Dr Alex Harley (Liverpool)

Dr Rob Henderson (Nottingham)

Dr David Hildick-Smith (Brighton)

Dr Ian Hutton (Glasgow)

Dr Akhil Kapur (London)

Dr Mazhar Khan (Belfast)

Dr Ali Khavandi (BJCA Representative)

Dr Brian Maurer (Dublin)

Dr Keith Oldroyd (Glasgow)

Dr Peter Quigley (Dublin)

Dr Tushar Raina (BJCA Representative)

Dr David Ramsdale (Liverpool)

Dr David H Roberts (Blackpool)

Dr Mike Rees (Leeds)

Dr Peter Schofield (Cambridge)

Dr Mark Signy (Worthing)

Dr Philip Spurrell (BJCA Representative)

Dr Rod Stables (Liverpool)

Dr Ian Starkey (Edinburgh)

Dr Peter Wilde (Bristol)

Previous Officers and Council Members

If you are interested in contacting the British Cardiovascular Intervention Society (BCIS) Council can be contacted via the BCIS Secretariat,, +44 (0) 207 380 1918