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Research & Development Group

The core mission of the Research Group is to support, encourage and develop all aspects of interventional cardiology research in the United Kingdom.

The BCIS Research Group includes a main group and three specialty subgroups:

  • BCIS Research Group (Lead – Professor Colin Berry)
  • Acute Coronary Syndromes (Lead – Dr Vijay Kunadian)
  • Chronic Coronary Syndromes (Lead – Rasha Al-Lamee)
  • Structural Heart Disease (Lead – Dr Patrick Calvert)


The remit of the research specialty groups is to stimulate new clinical research and trials in disease areas of unmet need, and to support the development of research ideas from BCIS members.

Participation in the research specialty groups is open and inclusive. There is an open invitation to BCIS members from all backgrounds who would like to contribute. Trainee participation is especially encouraged. If you are interested to participate in one or more of the research specialty groups, please contact the lead.

BCIS members are encouraged to contact the research group leads if they feel peer support would be helpful. The groups will be responsive to the requests of BCIS members. An important role is to provide peer review on study proposals, especially those intended for grant application. The specialty group will provide feedback on the proposed research and, potentially, a letter of support. Our philosophy is that the best research is planned, conducted and reported by motivated teams based in the UK.

Keep an eye on our web pages on the BCIS site for regular news, research opportunities and developments, including our peer review service.



Colin Berry


Golden Jubilee National Hospital

Rasha Al-Lamee

Chronic Coronary Syndromes Lead

Imperial College NHS Trust

Vijay Kunadian

Acute Coronary Syndromes Lead

Freeman Hospital

Patrick Calvert

Structural Heart Disease Lead

Royal Papworth Hospital

Paul Morris


Michelle Anderson

Research Nurse Representative

Natalia Briceno

GST London & Brighton Trainee Representative

St Bartholomew’s Hospital

Michael Mahmoudi

Special Responsibility for BCIS Literature Reviews

Mamas Mamas

Special Responsibility for Projects Using Databases and Requiring Statistical Analysis

University Hospital of North Staffordshire

Zoe Nicholas

Research Nurse Representative

Southampton University Hospital

Sukhjinder Nijjer

BCIS Communications Lead

Hammersmith Hospital

Novalia Purnama Sidik

Glasgow Trainee Representative


Nick Curzen


Southampton University Hospital

Clare Appleby

Honorary Secretary

Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital

Dan McKenzie


Royal United Hospital, Bath