AHP Working Group

Welcome to the AHP Working Group page

AHP Working Group Members

Dr Douglas Muir (Chair)
Sarah Callaghan
Jennifer Hemmings – tenure ends April 2020
James Heppenstall
Camilla Hodgson
Oli McNab
Rizwan Rashid – tenure ends April 2020
Richard Walters

Starting from April 2020:
Laura Starr (Dorset)
Sarah Kingston (Southampton)

Co-opted Members:
Sarah Carson (EuroPCR and EAPCI Link, BCIS Council co-opted AHP Member)
Ellie Gudde (Programme Committee)
Dr Damian Kelly (Medical Representative)
Josh Nicholson (Programme Committee)
David Priscott (Programme Committee)
Catherine Theron (Programme Committee)
James Battye (Programme Committee – AHP Summer Meeting, Sheffield 2019)
Paul Cattell (Programme Committee – AHP Summer Meeting, Sheffield 2019)
Ann Matto (Programme Committee – AHP Summer Meeting, Sheffield 2019)


CPD Audit

All AHPS are required to maintain their own records of CPD. The Working Group have experienced people who can help you through the audit process.

CPD specific-links by profession

Nursing and Midwifery Council – Professional Development

Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists – CPD
Society for Cardiological Science & Technology – CPD


Health & Care Professions Council – CPD
Society and College of Radiographers – CPD
British Society of Cardiovascular Imaging – Accreditation

Standard Operating Procedures

Admission of patients to the Cardiac Catheter Laboratory

127.99 Kb


117.23 Kb

Communication with relatives

130.11 Kb

Diagnostic Angiography

116.58 Kb


128.41 Kb

Femoral Artery Puncture Management

203.18 Kb

Inter Department Transfer

120.04 Kb

Pulmonary Oedema

173.11 Kb

WHO surgical safety checklist

435.12 Kb