Member Benefits

Membership Benefits

BCIS membership benefits:

  • Access to BCIS ACI meeting (reduced registration fees for members – visit ACI area for further details on pricing structure)
  • Access to BCIS Study Days, Core Curriculum in Cardiac Intervention, BCIS AHP Summer Meeting, BCIS Advanced Cardiovascular Interventional Trainees Course (current membership is mandatory for all of these meetings/courses)
  • Free access to BCIS Study Days  (Consultant and Non-Consultant members only)
  • Free access to BCIS AHP Summer Meeting (AHP members only)
  • Full access to educational resources (presentations, web & audiocasts, reviews, clinical cases etc)
  • Full voting rights at the Annual General Meeting
  • The right to nominate and vote for Trustees
  • The right to stand for election as a Trustee
  • The right to be nominated as a Member of Working Groups
  • Inclusion on the mailing list for all Society notices and events
  • Eligibility for full access to the Society website (including all educational material available in the Member’s section)
  • Access to other linked educational websites


Annual Subscription fees


£300 – Consultant

£100 – Trainee SpR

£25 – Allied Health Professional


BCIS subscriptions have been approved for income tax relief from 6 April 2011. Local tax offices will not receive notification of this until later in 2012. To obtain a tax deduction before then please quote the Head Office reference number: RH/T1644/13/2011/JEM.

BCIS Extra-Ordinary Membership

Extra-Ordinary Membership is available to persons who were Ordinary BCIS Members who have fully retired from clinical practice.

Extra-Ordinary Members shall receive all notices of the Society, but shall not be entitled to attend or vote at the Annual General Meeting.

Extra-Ordinary Membership is free of charge.

How to become a member

If you are interested in joining the British Cardiovascular Intervention Society (BCIS), please following the link below

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