Current Officers & Members

BCIS Council: Current Officers & Members


President: Professor Nick Curzen (January 2020-January 2023)
Honorary Secretary: Dr Clare Appleby (January 2020-January 2023)
Treasurer: Dr Douglas Fraser (January 2019-January 2022)


Audit Secretary and DMAG Lead: Professor Peter Ludman (January 2009 – )
Training and Education Group Lead: Professor Rajesh Kharbanda (January 2019-January 2022)
Research and Development Group Lead: Professor Colin Berry (January 2020-January 2023)
Clinical Standards Group Lead: Dr Gerald Clesham (June 2019-June 2022)
Structural Cardiac Intervention Working Group Lead: Professor Philip MacCarthy (October 2017-October 2021)
Allied Health Professionals Working Group Lead: Dr Douglas Muir (July 2017-July 2021)
Communications Lead Elect: Dr Sukhjinder Nijjer (December 2019-June 2020)


Dr Dan McKenzie (Non Surgical Centre Representative) (October 2017-January 2021)
Dr Peter O’Kane (January 2020-January 2023)
Dr Rasha Al-Lamee (January 2020-January 2023)
Dr Suneil Aggarwal (August 2020 – August 2023)


BJCA Representative: Dr Thomas Gilpin
Allied Health Professionals Representative: Sarah Carson

BCIS Secretariat

Fiona McDonald, Millbrook Medical Conferences